Blithe Moon Chad (Imp Aust.)

Pure Australian Teamster

photo Blithe Moon Chad
Jack foaled August 8, 1998 Reg. JY98/1311 and AT/07/98 (Accredited)
Sire Blithe Moon Cloncurry Sire Keysoe Caleb
Dam Blithe Moon Cinnamon
Dam Dam Blithe Moon Francesca Sire Sire Blithe Moon Benford
Dam Dam Gypsy

I imported Chad from Dr Helen Robertson's Australian Teamster Stud at Laura, South Australia in 2004. He impressed me with his quality and lovely paces. He has a strong chestnut gene and passes on his lovely movement. See his father jumping on the right side of the Menage on the home page.


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Blithe Moon Cloncurry
Australian Teamster jumping is Blithe Moon Cloncurry