North Island Show 2012
National Carriage Driving Championships, Taupo April 2012
Pemberton Thistle at the Feilding Show in 2011.
Pemberton Brangane Champion Harness Donkey Wairarapa A & P Show
D&M Society North Island Show Gelding class
Left to right: Jasmine Mr Darcy, Pemberton Thistle, Pemberton Troy and Pemberton Don Giovanni
Left and above: Pemberton Afredo
Pemberton Jasmine Mr. Darcy with Andrea Thomson and Kilmarnock Barnaby Brown with Wendy Macpherson at the NI Donkey & Mule Society Show 2012.
Pemberton Angelotti and Pemberton Brangane at Masterton in 2008.
Pemberton Briar at the Bunny Quiz Drive in 2011.
Pemberton Portia at the Donkey & Mule Society NI Show in 2012.
Pemberton Troy and Pemberton Giovanni in 2012.
Pemberton Thistle at Masterton in 2012.
Pemberton Giovanni Champion with Clovercrest Starbuck Res. at Manawatu 2011
Pemberton Fricka, Harness Champion with Reserve, Carduus Nutans