Pure Australian Teamster Jack
Grey dun, foaled August 1, 1982 Reg. JY82/678/2 and AT/06/82 (Accredited)
Sire Grey Boy (Imp then exported to Australia) Sire South Australian Bush Donkey
Dam Jezzabel
Dam Corris (Imp Aust.) Sire South Australian Bush Donkey
Dam South Australian Bush Donkey

Hector, who sadly died in 2011, was my foundation jack. He is the sire of many of my jennies and geldings, many of whom have won championships themselves. And now their progeny are winning in the show ring. He won the Donkey & Mule Society's Colin Thom Cup 6 times (1997 — 1999 & 2006 — 2008) and was runner up 6 times. Royal Show Champion in 1996.


Pemberton ViolettaPemberton TurandotPemberton ThistlePemberton BriarKairangi VictorPemberton OberonPemberton Don CarlosPemberton RodolfoPemberton BranganePemberton FrickaMule — Sweet Holly Jasmine Mr. Darcy Pemberton Angelotti Pemberton Mimi Pemberton Renee

Grey Boy Hector's sire
Grey Boy, Hector's sire.

Pemberton boys
These geldings, all by Hector, are owned by Nancy Neal who drives them in harness. 
From left Siegfried, Siegmund, Parsifal, Lohengrin, Rodolfo and Mario

Sweet Holly
Sweet Holly - Molly mule by Hector