Pemberton Renee

(Accredited) 50% Australian Teamster
Grey Dun, Foaled 4/2/1997, JY97/1159/2
Sire Hector Sire Grey Boy
Dam Coris
Dam Kopere Monique (Accredited) Sire Shamrock Alvaro (Imp Aust.)
Dam Northern Lodge Moppet

Renee had a shaky start to life as her dam Monique died when she was born. Renee was bottle fed the first seven weeks of her life. Then, I was lucky enough to borrow a jenny whose foal had been stolen from the paddock! She accepted Renee as her own. When I was bottle feeding Renee, Jackie Bryant generously looked after her while I was at work. Renee developed a love affair with cars as I had to drive her to day care each day and since then (too big to fit through the door) she will try to get into a car if she can!
She has some of the early NZ bloodlines; pure English/Irish and Pure Teamster, a real mix.